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Why choose proxomed?

We have been supplying our customers with test and training apparatuses for 30 years. What we offer has grown continuously, together with our customer base. And this is not just the case in our quarter in Germany. Today, we supply our products in more than 20 countries worldwide. This success is likely based on our holistic approach to the needs of our customers and their patients. We supply them with reliable quality ‘Made in Germany’ which is, of course, TÜV (German technical inspection association) tested, engineers, biomechanics and software developers are always working on innovations and further developments. When it comes to the international sales of hardware, software and health concepts, the proxomed® Group has two key priorities: excellent and exclusive partners on location, and an intensive program of training and support for employees and customers in all areas. Our success shows that this is the right approach. In the unlikely event that something doesn’t run smoothly, a high-performance service is available for our customers globally.

Quality and Safety

Quality and safety are two of the core elements of our company policy. Our customers can rely on high quality products and services. This means you can guarantee your patients and health customers the safety they require.

Our medical test and training systems and our software meet high scientific standards. Our proxomed products are ‘Made in Germany’, and is TÜV and ISO certified. Our medical training apparatuses are manufactured according to the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive (MDD) and are carrying according to the product classes the appropriate CE marking.

Development and Innovation

We feel a duty to keep pushing for the continual advancement of our products and develop innovations. For this reason, we assume an important role for the entire market.

A team of sport scientists, biomechanics and development engineers focuses on continuously developing the products. For this reason, we are able to offer you regular innovations and product improvements.

What we offer is complemented significantly by the cooperation of competent international partners. So we are able to offer high-quality and highly innovative products for, in part, very specialised, therapeutic fields of application. We are therefore able to supply you with a complete spectrum of medical therapy and training apparatus.

Efficiency and Service

Alongside a considerable focus on training therapy, we also meet the commercial challenges of our customers in order to be able to offer solution-focussed overall approaches.

You will receive training on how to use therapy and training apparatus immediately after set-up, enabling you to use the devices quickly and more effectively. We are completely confident that you can rely on us anytime for high-performance service. That’s why we are able to guarantee you outstanding value of maintenance as well as high-quality medical test and training apparatuses.

We’re here for you from the planning stages, to the launch and throughout the course of business. Our advisors are ready to help- from space planning, to financing and marketing, to patient and customer management.