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local vibration
against back pain

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Stretching before strengthening

With this principle, the therapy achieves new successes in the topic of back pain with the proxovib devices. The targeted relaxation of overstrained muscles through the local use of vibration under functional pre-stretching leads to the reduction of the feeling of pain and to an improved ability to stretch. Here, vibration takes place with a specific amplitude, frequency and intensity directly on the muscle belly of a certain muscle.

Complementary use in back therapy

The proxovib back concept consists of four devices of the proxovib line. The simple
Adjustment to size, fixed programmes depending on objective and patented intensity regulation with auto-start system enable simple and safe use for all age groups.

proxovib – diverse areas of use
Short training duration without exertion, immediately perceivable effect and uncomplicated use without training clothes make the training pleasant. Therefore, the concept can be deployed, for example:

  • in company healthcare
  • in the gym
  • in spas and wellness centres
  • in business hotels


Your advantages

  • Patented pressure-dependent auto-start system
  • Uncomplicated use
  • Programmes for mobility, pain reduction and metabolism
  • Safe body positioning
  • Also suitable for very small and very tall individuals (heights of 145 to 210 cm)
  • Connection to the proxotrain training management and planning system
  • Stable design
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Coordination & Mobility / proxovib/vib4back

Coordination & Mobility