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Structured connection

proxOS is the central database and interface to devices and management systems. Training can thus be planned and managed efficiently.

Central management

It is good when one party has the overview. proxOS sits as the central interface and database between all devices and systems and manages the digital data flows. It is thus possible to access important information immediately, to relate test data of different devices to each other and thus provide doctors and therapists a holistic impression of the patient.

External systems
proxOS works just as smoothly together with the proxomed devices as with external patient management systems, such as Theorg (THEDEX interface) or hospital information systems (HL7 interface).

proxOS connect functional modules

The proxOS connect functional modules are the link between the central management and the various system components. In the process, all test and training results are saved centrally but are then made available for further processing in the relevant software. The result: no multiple inputs of patient data and fewer errors.

Your advantages

  • Central data management
  • Compatibility with common patient management systems
  • Preparation of the data in the device-specific software
  • Lower recording expenses
  • Consistent data


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proxOS Data Management

proxOS Data Management

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proxOS Station