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intelligent training

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Intelligent training. Simple. Compelling.

Whether for free training, training with equipment or course training, for decades, it has been left up to human judgement alone to determine whether physical exercise is being realised correctly and in a targeted manner and training programmes are being created on a healthy and success-oriented basis. Pixformance modernises this approach through the creation of additional access routes to highly efficient and healthy training.

Regardless of the level of fitness and knowledge, objectives and physical conditions: Pixformance optimises any training programme and ensures the correct execution of each exercise.

Interactive, functional feedback training

When training using the Pixformance Smart Trainer, the user receives direct feedback including correction on the execution of each exercise so that motion sequences can always be performed physiologically and at the optimal tempo. Thus , the efficiency of the training is increased from the very beginning and the results, which occur quickly, motivate users to do even more.

Training results
Pixformance doesn't only ensure optimal motion sequences: a multitude of additional information is made available to the trainer/therapist and the user via the web portal, for example details about individual performance, about the quality of execution for the exercises performed in each training unit and about individual training potentials as well as planning help for the achievement of targets. Anyone who trains with Pixformance wouldn't want to be without it. Intelligent training thus becomes simply compelling.

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland

Your advantages

  • Each patient/customer gets a "personal trainer" with Pixformance which motivates them, corrects them and records all relevant information
  • Improvement in patient/customer care with functional exercises
  • Improvement in quality of care and with it an increase in patient/customer loyalty
  • Efficient use of personnel, lower time input but higher quality of care
  • Support in the transition from patient to customer, process optimisation within the establishment
  • Support in the transition from patient to customer, process optimisation within the establishment
  • Support in the realisation if a wide range of training goals
  • Differentiation from the competition

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