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mobee med
modern joint

mobee med
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mobee med is a state-of-the-art diagnostic instrument for the fast and precise assessment of joint mobility

Making mobility measurable

The handy measuring device is placed onto the respective joint. Then, the movement of the joint is carried out according to the principles of clinical RoM measurement. The measurement results are broadcast to a laptop or computer via radio communication, displayed simultaneously on the monitor and stored on your computer for further assessment purposes.

Comfortable in use – precise in outcome
mobee med provides visual support to ensure intuitive handling throughout the measuring process. The sophisticated sensor technology allows for an unprecedented measuring accuracy.


Less Effort – more information
Besides range of motion degrees, you can provide additional information like pain intensity or end feeling for every measurement – without any noteworthy delay in time, thanks to the measuring device’s remote control function. With only one click, you will be able to set so-called „pain markers“ which enable a uniquely precise evalutation of painful areas.

One device – virtually any option
Up to now, the use of various instruments has been indispensable in ordert o assess all joints. For measurement of rotational movements, diagnosticians were forced to use auxiliary constructions and additional instruments or to reposition the patient. With mobee med at your hand, you will be using one single instrument that covers almost every measurement type in upright, recumbent or sedentary position.

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland






Your advantages

  • Precise assessment of range of motion thanks to innovative technology
  • Automated documentation
  • Comprehensive measurement catalogue
  • Extensive evaluation options
  • No additional instruments required for rotational measurements
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