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mobee fit
mobility Status
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mobee fit
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With mobee fit and mobee med you can readily recognize the first signs of impaired mobility and muscular disbalances and can initiate such activities to improve the mobility of your customers.

The use of extremely precise sensor technology allows you to determine your client’s mobility status in an exact and reproducible way. While you focus on the client, your measuring results will be transferred to your computer via radio communication. A simultaneous live animation of the course of motion will be shown on your display screen to visualize the client´s movements. This not only enlivens the client´s experience but also creates understanding and acceptability towards the measurement.

Easy evaluation
mobee fit offers a vivid and graspable assessment to you and your clients. All measurements will be analysed under preventive aspects and their results will be illustrated in customer-friendly grading diagrams and charts.

Total Score

In addition to the individual analysis of single measurement results, a total score is calculated for all measurements conducted within one profile. Three health-relevant dimensions constitute the basis of this score:

  • Range of Motion - Age and gender-specific classification of the measurement values
  • Symmetry - Analysis of the measurement values by comparing left and right
  • Harmony - Focus on the uneven distribution of mobility

    Trend Analysis
    The direct comparison of an arbitrary amount of measurements enables a training progress analysis. This measureable proof of success will not only increase your clients’ motivation but also their trust in your work.

    Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland




Your advantages

  • Easy and accurate measurement of mobility thanks to modern sensor technology
  • Relevant and conclusive tests of the large joints, with high relevance for a long-term health of the musculoskeletal System
  • Reliable data for sound planning of preventive training of flexibility and strength
  • Comprehensible and systematically structured presentation of the measurement results
  • Detection of lopsided movement Habits
  • Increased motivation and confidence thanks to mobility trend analysis

Coordination & Mobility / mobee fit

Coordination & Mobility