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MFT S3-Check
coordination check

MFT S3-Check
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The dimension of the coordination: The individual MFT S3 value

The body stability test S3 Check is a computer measuring system that offers the possibility to assess global body stability, sensomotoric regulatory capacity and functional muscular asymmetries precisely for the first time.The special measuring device was developed with methods from orthopaedics and performance diagnostics. The personal S3 value is determined on an individual basis by test. Via a USB interface, the measuring plate is connected to a computer in which the results are assessed on an individual basis. The computer then calculates the stabilisation and sensorimotor function index. In addition, deviations in motion from the middle of the plate are expressed in the symmetry index, the S3 value.

Diagnostics / MFT S3-Check

MFT S3-Check

MFT S3-Check

MFT S3-Check Station

MFT S3-Check Station