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IPN-Test Suite
software for determining
endurance capacity

IPN Test-Suite
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The IPN-Test® is a scientifically examined, valid testing procedure for ergometers and for the treadmill.

IThe selection of the different testing procedures (bicycle, running, walking) depends on the preferences and/or previous experience of the patient/customer. The short versions of the IPN-Test® are now available in the IPN-Test® Suite.

The short tests last 4 to 6 minutes depending on the individual performance condition. They are excellently suited as a screening method. The IPN-Test® Suite contains sub-maximum and maximum-power test procedures. Free test profiles can be configured at any time.

Your advantages

  • Sub-maximum test processes are considered to be safe and practicable test processes for a broad target group from the fields of prevention, rehabilitation & fitness
  • Scientifically tested, valid test process for ergometer & treadmill
  • Selection of the various test processes (bicycle, running, walking) – depending on preference or indication
  • Individual setting of the target heart rate via individual parameters
  • Implementation in accordance with a specified step profile
  • Classification of aerobic ability on the basis of relative performance in one of 5 fitness levels
  • Training proposals in the form of individual training heart rates for various ergometer types/endurance training devices
  • Training proposals in the form of individual training heart rates for various training objectives & intensity ranges (e.g. lipid metabolism training, aerobic training…)


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IPN-Test Suite

IPN-Test Suite