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BTE PrimusRS
test and training
work and sport

BTE PrimusRS
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Functional tests and training of specific movements

BTE PrimusRS is a flexible testing and training system for everyday, workplace and sport-specific movements.

Varied use

With BTE PrimusRS, nearly all everyday, workplace and sport-specific movements can be functionally tested and trained. Numerous adapters enable static and dynamic measurements as well as functional training exercises in the isometric, auxotonic and isokinetic mode.

Valid measurement processes
The KPB mode is a sensible addition to the early phase of treatment. Using valid measurement processes, load deficits in workplace requirements are recorded and compared with the requirements profile of the workplace. Test and training data is documented and processed for uninterrupted follow-up as part of quality management. 

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland

Your advantages

  • Diverse areas of use
  • Practical training
  • Uninterrupted follow-up and documentation
  • Numerous adapters
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