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BTE Eccentron
eccentric leg press

BTE Eccentron – new!
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Faster rehabilitation due to negative-dynamic training

Training for numerous medical-therapeutic indications in rehabilitation – this is offered by the eccentric leg press BTE EccentronTM.  Due to the defined deployment of force, muscular strength potential is optimally exhausted. The results are thus optimised to the maximum degree. Very good results are achieved, from advanced muscle weakness and degenerative joint diseases, the risk of falling and frailty to performance enhancement in sport.

Individualised dosage
The optimum dosability of the training contributes significantly to the good results of the BTE EccentronTM . To begin with, a dosage test is performed. The training is planned and the individualised range of motion is set on the basis of screening. The patient then has the task of developing strength against the pedal in his individually defined target range.

Areas of use

  • Orthopaedic-traumatological rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Geriatrics, fall prevention
  • Competitive sport

Symptoms/areas of application

  • Advanced muscle weakness
  • Degenerative knee problems
  • Injury to the front cruciate ligament
  • Knee TEP
  • Risk of falling for older persons
  • Frailty of older persons
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Cardiological problems
  • Diabetes and osteoporosis
  • Performance enhancement for sportspeople

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland




Your advantages

  • Diverse possibilities of use
  • Wide range of patients
  • Low passage for older patients
  • Individualised weight distribution
  • Simple, intuitive user guidance
  • Creation of the training plan
  • Training feedback (control/motivation)

Strength / BTE Eccentron – new!