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multi-joint system

Biodex System 4
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BIODEX System 4 Pro – for training all large muscle group

The BIODEX System 4 Pro records functional and performance data in training and creates a customised training programme on this basis.

Customised training plan
The BIODEX System 4 Pro is the most innovative member of the family of isokinetic BIODEX devices. Thus, functional data in training can be recorded and assessed even more quickly and precisely than with the predecessor models. You thus support your patients with a training plan that is precisely tailored to them as individuals.

Adaptable for all exercise capacities
Whether in orthopaedics, neurology, geriatrics or – for determining neuromuscular capacity – in competitive and top-class sport: with its numerous adapters, the BIODEX System 4 Pro is an optimum diagnostic and therapy system for clinical use. The isokinetic multi-joint system allows the testing and training of all large muscle groups. Passive and active testing and training modes allow therapeutic use in each phase of conservative and operative post-treatment.

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland

Isokinetic / Biodex System 4