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BIODEX Offset Unweighing System
training under
weight reduction

Biodex NxStep Unweighing System
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Early mobilisation – safe training!

Offer your patients early mobilisation. With the BIODEX Offset Unweighing System with safe suspension, you can achieve optimum therapy results.

Natural gait due to patented suspension

Early mobilisation is often decisive for therapy success. It is made possible by gait and coordination training under reduced weight. The BIODEX Offset Unweighing System promotes the monitoring and improvement of posture, a natural gait pattern and the optimisation of proprioception, balance and coordination. In the process, the patented suspension ensures that the body's centre of gravity corresponds to that of the normal gait.

Safe training
The BIODEX Offset Unweighing System is equipped with a lift that can be used forall groups of patients – from wheelchair users to children. The wide belts sit comfortably and the overall construction conveys a feeling of safety. In the process, the system is open and easily accessible. Care staff and therapists can provide support at any time.

Combination with other equipment

The BIODEX Offset Unweighing System can also be used in conjunction with other equipment. The combination with the Gait Trainer 3 treadmill or the Balance System is very positive in many clinics, since progress can be monitored and documented precisely. 

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland


Your advantages

  • Patented suspension
  • Precise digital weight relief display
  • Freely movable, stable frame
  • Integrated lift system
  • Flexible height adjustmen
  • Safe belt system
  • Integrated therapist seats

Gearanalysis/Runtherapie / Biodex NxStep Unweighing System

BIODEX Offset Unweighing System

BIODEX Offset Unweighing System