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BIODEX Gait Trainer 3
treadmill for assessing
and training the gait pattern

Biodex Gait Trainer 3
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For a smooth gait pattern

Patients from the fields of orthopaedics, neurology or geriatrics often need to work on a consistently smooth gait pattern. The BIODEX Gait Trainer 3 offers the suitable training options for all groups of patients.

Motivation through feedback
With the BIODEX Gait Trainer 3, patients acquire a smooth gait pattern. In addition, balance, coordination, endurance and the cardiovascular system are trained. Work on the treadmill strengthens the leg muscles. On the screen or via an audio message, the patients and therapists receive direct feedback on the smoothness of the gait pattern. The therapists can then make corrective interventions if necessary and the patients are motivated.

Data for the clinic IT
Running speed, step length and step frequency can be tested and compared with reference values. The training results and follow-up are documented completely and can be saved and printed out. Data export is ensured by an optional software module. Thus, all the important data is available for the clinic IT used without a media disruption.

Wide range of uses
The treadmill can be used by patients of all age groups: we offer you handrails, including for the treatment of older patients and children. The treadmill can be combined with the BIODEX system for weight relief. This allows early mobilisation of your patients.

Distribution only in Germany and Switzerland

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BIODEX Gait Trainer 3

BIODEX Gait Trainer 3